"Smart Luxe" exciting experiments on light, energy and bionics

How is colour created? Is the tomato really red? Why are engineers interested in the compound eye of insects? These and many other questions on the topics of bionics, light and energy will be explored experimentally in the exhibition "Clever Luxe".

Information, demonstration and experiment stations for the 10-16 age group invite visitors to immerse themselves in the world of biology, chemistry and physics and to grasp exciting connections between nature and technology. The exhibition "Clever Luxe" is the result of a 2-year educational project of the klasse!forschung association in close cooperation with experts from science and industry who have made it their goal to prepare their research areas for young people. After the teachers have been trained, the exhibition can be borrowed by schools from the klasse!forschung association in modules. The individual stations will be presented by experts (bio-food technology, zoology, Bartenbach GmbH, Energie Tirol, Umweltanwaltschaft, Fachdidaktik Physik und Schule) who have worked on the project.

Tuesday, 17 September, 2 - 6 pm

Management Center Innsbruck, Maximilianstra├če 2, Room 4A-020

Registration: PH-Online under event number 7F8.TGV5A10 (registration deadline: 17.08.2019)

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